Novel Pastimes interview w/ Clementine from Treasured Bride!

One thing that I love about being a writer, is that it gives me a chance to meet people and escape reality into a world I have created. This being said? I got to meet Jenna Brandt Ciecalone – a fellow writer that has an amazing fun blog that interviews characters from books.

(Isn’t that a neat idea?)

Recently, I had the pleasure of having one of my characters from Treasured Bride to be ‘interviewed’ by Jenna and here is the link below:

Novel Past times interview with Clementine Hutton


On that note, I am busy developing characters for a new western series that I can’t wait to share with you all!


Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Wow! Not sure where to begin…but quite alot going on! I am so excited to be wrapping up the third book in the Timeless Brides series. I absolutely love Eve’s character and how sassy she is, how could I not write about her again? Who wouldnt love a smart@ss (somewhat delusional) lead character? For me, I adore a romance book that makes you laugh. I am already outlining a fourth book in the Timeless Brides series as I type this. Here is a link to the first two books:

A Lifetime with You (Riley’s story)

Handfasted to You (Emeline’s story)

There is also a SUPER SEEKRIT project in the works for 2018 that I am bursting at the seams to tell you about. Let’s just say that I am getting back to my roots in Western Romance. I really cant say more than that, other than its a collaboration with an amazing group of women! Squueeeeeeee!!! So many authors, so much love! <3

If you aren’t already following me on some sort of social media, please do! There is going to be alot of information coming out in the next several months. If you haven’t had the chance, do click on the link below and enter the latest contest I am proud to be a part of:

Hallowpalooza 2017



Coming soon!

When a riptide washes vacationing Emeline Hastings out to sea, she thinks it’s the end. It’s not, though – she wakes up to strange, new surroundings in Boston in the year 1770. A magical woman named Eve steps in and decides that the best way to make Emeline acclimate to her new time is to give her a spouse, a handsome colonist. Em’s immediately handfasted to her virile savior before she can even learn his name.


William Spencer doesn’t have time for a relationship. He’s working hard to defend his country from the British by supplying the colonial uprising. It’s the worst time to have personal ties, and yet nothing could have prepared him from his instant attraction to Emeline. She is lovely, yet bold and intriguing, so very different from the other women he’s known.


But can he take a wife with the threat of treason hanging over his head? Can Emeline hope for a lifetime with William when her second chance might be just as doomed?

Coming soon on Amazon!

Reviews make my day!

A 5 star review from Lena-
“Quite an unusual story but it is well written and actually very interesting. When Riley gets into an accident, she is transported into the 1845 time span. She has an “Angel” of sorts who helps her along getting into her new life. It keeps you interested and has a few good laughs in it also.”
I’m so glad you liked it! I adored writing the story and another is currently churning in my head… time to get started again. If you haven’t read it, its free on Kindle Unlimited… give it a shot!

My how time flies….

when you are spending your afternoon writing a story you are ABSOLUTELY.IN.LOVE.WITH! Y’all, I am not gonna lie: I enjoyed writing this last book so much that I existed on five hours of sleep a day for a week. I have never written a book in a week but the story was screaming to get out of my head.

Be patient… the cover is on the way and will be revealed soon! For those of you like me, that can’t stand the wait? I promise, its worth it! <3


I adore giveaways…. so here is TWO of them!

Giveaway for Beloved Texas Bride

Headstrong Elizabeth Pierce wants nothing to do with her father’s suggestion of an arranged marriage. When she finds an advertisement for a nanny in a newspaper, she flees to Texas to thwart her father and taste independence. She soon realizes that life on the frontier is very different than her pampered life at home.

A tall, rugged cowboy named Cole comes to her aid when Elizabeth finds herself stranded and her job has disappeared. Elizabeth has to learn a new way of life in order to survive.

Will she fall for the sexy Texan who has come to her rescue or will she run back home?


Giveaway for Romancing the Fangirl

Practical, no-nonsense surgeon Katherine Drake doesn’t have time for silliness. So she’s not exactly sure how she finds herself at a comic convention, rubbing elbows with Bronies and fanboys. But then a gorgeous, charismatic actor from a hit television show picks her out of a crowd and suddenly she’s living the dream of every teenage girl with a Tumblr account.

Alexander Weber may be Hollywood’s current heartthrob but he’s tired of all the fakeness. After dating a string of starlets who were only interested in tabloid media, friends who have used him for money, he’s ready for the real thing. Alex likes Katherine’s independent nature and wants to know more about her.

Running from the media circus, the two are swept into the whirlwind romance in created by an unconventional love.