Handfasted To You

When a riptide washes vacationing Emeline Hastings out to sea, she thinks it’s the end. It’s not, though – she wakes up to strange, new surroundings in Boston in the year 1770. A magical woman named Eve steps in and decides that the best way to make Emeline acclimate to her new time is to give her a spouse, a handsome colonist. Em’s immediately handfasted to her virile savior before she can even learn his name.

William Spencer doesn’t have time for a relationship. He’s working hard to defend his country from the British by supplying the colonial uprising. It’s the worst time to have personal ties, and yet nothing could have prepared him from his instant attraction to Emeline. She is lovely, yet bold and intriguing, so very different from the other women he’s known.

But can he take a wife with the threat of treason hanging over his head? Can Emeline hope for a lifetime with William when her second chance might be just as doomed?