Thoroughbred Men Series Box Set

TMS_3DThoroughbred Men Box Set

Three sexy stories set in small-town Kentucky where the men are all about winning hearts and the women are about to get swept off their feet!

Book 1
Sweet Heat Rising

Sarah – a strong independent woman flees from her past back home to Pleasureville, Kentucky to start over yet once again. She is playing by her rules this time around and taking the time to enjoy her own life.

Not looking for love, she suddenly finds herself being pursued by not just one but two handsome men in her life. When several unforeseen events hit close to home, are the ghosts from her past coming back to haunt her?

Who do you trust or turn to?

Book 2
Stolen Hearts

A brusque business woman, Millicent Clark, is determined to make her mark on the small community of Pleasureville, Kentucky. She has no time for her personal life at this point, making sure she is the top real estate company operating in her area and succeeding.

Down to earth police officer, Jacob Hunter, sees something in Millicent’s cool demeanor that is enticing and throws his ‘hat’ into the ring, becoming a player in a bet at the station. Jacob decides to hire Millicent to find a place of his own, only to find he may be gaining more than property out of this business transaction!

Book 3
Redeemed Hearts

Teri Jones has found herself running away from living her life after losing her fiancé in a deadly accident. Independent and alone, she has thrown herself into her work and into the community in order to cope with the tragedy. She has been able to exist like this, retreated in her shell, for years… until she met him.

Richard has recently grown weary of his playboy lifestyle and the hassle that has come along with it. Serving at the fire station over time has shown him loss, comraderies and the value of life. When Richard sees there is more to Teri than meets the eye, he is enchanted by how different she is from other women.

Can Teri and Richard handle the warmth of a redeemed heart?